The Potter's House: About Us

I have been a professional potter since 1983 following the dream that I have had since high school. My husband Jeff and I started with a small studio in Connecticut and now have a wonderful studio and gallery in Litchfield, Maine. 

I originally started making very traditional functional pottery. Working with clay has always been my passion. My studio in Connecticut was the beginning and then in 1986 we moved to Maine so I could work full time in a well-established production pottery studio. This move proved to be very beneficial as it helped me tone my skills on the potter’s wheel without the burden of running a business. I began “painting” with glazes on stoneware pottery after taking a series of watercolor classes. This is where my new love for painting and old love for clay married. 

My studio/business has evolved over the years changing as my life has changed. My passion continues to be in the creation of not only beautiful, but also functional pottery. 
My current studio is in Litchfield where Jeff and I built our new home. My studio will evolve once again here as I return to making pottery full time, consulting with collectors on custom projects, and enjoying the fact that I can make a living with my art. We hope you will venture by. 
The studio is open to the public.

The Potter's House in Litchfield